Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome to Australian Poli Ticks Me Off!

I look forward to providing you with many open minded observations about Australian Politicals and the present happenings. Rather than share my point of view, it is my aim to pass obversations and have you form your own opinion. This is something that is sorely lacking in journalism today. Feel free to comment on my observations and add solid information that you have on hand.

Please, this site is not for close-minded political types who would vote for their favourite party even if Lassie was running. This site is for thinkers and for people who really care about the democracy and well being of Australia. It is for people who believe in contributing to their country more than taking from their country, and it is for people who care about not just the present day, but the future days. The days when our children and grandchildren will inherit what we are making today. Be that positive or negative.

Thank you for reading and taking part.

Suzy Qld

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