Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are we growing a generation that is dependant on the Government?

Aaah yes, the politics of envy continues to raise its ugly head....

There was confirmation in today's Courier Mail that the Private Health Rebates will indeed be slashed. This is a terrible decision by the Government as I outlined in a previous Post.

Let's not forget that these people pay for their Private Insurance AS WELL AS the public system through their medicare levy and taxes. They are contributing MORE than their fair share and they are simply being punished for doing something positive. Not clever at all.

When will Governments get it through their thick skulls that to finance their (ever growing) Government Programs, they need to "encourage & motivate"? They need to encourage independance from Government intervention NOT dependance.

This Government is biting the very hand that feeds them and sooner or later, there are going to be lots of people that throw their hands up in the air as say "I give up! The Government can take care of me!" That is the last thing we need and who will pay the bills then?

One has to question the power of a Government that is growing the number of Australians dependant on them. But perhaps that is the ultimate goal here....