Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Private Health Insurance at risk again?

I read today that the Private Health Insurance rebate may be targeted in the May Budget. This would indeed be a huge mistake, given the following factors:

  1. In times when spending is being seriously reduced by households, people don't need much of a reason to "cut" their household budget, particularly when a free version does exist - albeit not as convenient at times.
  2. Public hospitals would indeed feel the brunt of this. Given the state of the public hospital system in most Australian States, this would be highly undesireable. As an analogy, if 25% of all of the Private schools closed down tomorrow (Friday), what would the public education system look like on Monday morning? Chaos would probably be an understatement.
  3. The associated costs in the increase to the public sector would contra out any govt savings so you would need to ask what the point of such an exercise would be, other than to allienate a large portion of Australians who are trying to look after their own health and not depend on the government.
  4. Private hospitals would free the brunt of this too. It's important to remember that private hospitals also employ many thousands of Australians. Huge investments in their medical equipment and building projects are forecasted on the basis of the current health policy. It's hardly fair to change such a policy on a whim without taking into account the concertina effect. Medical equipment and building companies involved with these hospitals also employ many thousands of Australians.
At the end of the day, anything that makes Australians rely more on the government is a BAD thing for Australia now and in the future. Every Australian political party should aim to minimise their day to day "interference" in your life. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Elections seem to be more about promising people more and more government programs rather than less. And Australians fall for it over and over! Our thinking needs to change. Government Programs grow government. Let's be very clear about that. Big government means higher government costs, which means higher taxes for the Australian taxpayer.... And cutting to the chase, it's hardly motivating for the taxpayers funding a large portion of these programs who, on the whole, usually miss out on their benefits because they earn too much!

So, how do we reduce the size of Government we have? By reducing government costs of course. EVERY Australian should do their utmost to get the government out of their lives as much as they possibly can. Then, and only then, will Australia move forward to greater success. If you are an Australian that has two good arms and two good legs and a brain in your head (and isn't in retirement) and you depend on the government to survive, I urge you to rethink where you're heading, and get out of that cycle as soon as you can. Start depending on yourself and "unlock the potential" that EVERYONE has inside them. Everyone is special in some way and it's time to find "your way" so that you can help to point this country, once again, in a successful, motivational, and innovative direction.

Come on Australia, get that rusty key out and start unlocking!

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you!

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